Webinar: Managing Alberta’s Forests to Achieve Undisturbed Habitat Conditions

The Alberta Regional Caribou Knowledge Partnership is pleased to be hosting a free webinar, presented by Dr. Steve Wilson of EcoLogic Research, May 31, 11 am MST.


Federal recovery strategies for woodland caribou do not provide guidance on when suitable caribou habitat, after being disturbed by anthropogenic activities, should again be considered “undisturbed.” In the absence of federal guidance, Alberta has adopted a stand age of 40 years as a threshold, but the adequacy of this metric is not fully known. I reviewed the work of other jurisdictions and relevant literature to develop proposed objectives and possible strategies for Alberta’s forest sector to manage for undisturbed habitat and further contribute positively to caribou recovery.

Speaker Bio

Steve Wilson is a consulting biologist who works at technical and professional levels in strategic and operational planning for wildlife and other ecological values. He specializes in quantitative approaches to decision support and policy analysis. Steve holds a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.