Sharing knowledge. Inspiring solutions.

The ARCKP is committed to knowledge sharing and getting important information into the hands of practitioners. Our goal is to:

  • Connect our partners and stakeholders to accessible and relevant scientific information.
  • Keep our partners and stakeholders informed on ARCKP work and projects.
  • Facilitate stronger research outcomes and increased opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaborations.
  • Create a forum to discuss research outcomes, alternative practices and implementation options together with government and industry.

What we offer

We use a variety of strategies to get information to our audience. This includes:

  • The Exchange: Sharing Knowledge, Inspiring Solutions – A regular knowledge exchange publication featuring concise, brief summaries and infographics of recent work, ARCKP research and topics of interest to our partners and stakeholders. 
  • Project Reports – Full reports for all our projects will be made available to the public via our webspace here and other channels of communication.
  • Webinars – Presentations of projects funded by the ARCKP or topics of interest to our partners and stakeholders.
  • Discussion forums – Whether it’s a workshop, like the inaugural one we hosted in 2019, or future learning sessions or webinars, the ARCKP continues to seek ways to facilitate dialogue between our partners and stakeholders. Keep checking back here to see what we’re offering.

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